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In elementary school, I wanted to have glasses so bad! Fast forward just a few years (wink wink), and between teletherapy, blogging, and creating resources I am on my computer a lot.  The eye strain was starting to really bother me. At the end of the day, my eyes were so tired. These were the first blue light blocking glasses that I purchased, and they've made a huge difference! I use them daily.

Headset  with  microphone

I'm no "gamer" (unless you count playing Dr. Mario on the Game Boy in the 90s) but I totally mooch off the gaming community for their headsets! I can't tell you how many cheap headsets I've purchased in all my years doing teletherapy. And needless to say, they have all been laid to rest because they all snapped. Literally. The plastic just snapped. I finally splurged for this one that goes all the way around my ear, so no squished pinna here! The also have great sound quality and background noise cancellation and a whole bunch of other awesome nerdy audio features!


Purple  trail  planner

I've been using Purple Trail Planners for a few years now. What initially drew me in was the option to have 15 minute increments for the daily schedule. An SLP's dream, right? And what's kept me loyal to these planners are the OPTIONS! Designing my planner is a real  highlight each summer. There are so many options, plus you can customize the planner, inside and out! I love adding "to do" pages, because, well, there's nothing a good list!


video  recorder  and  creator

Screencast-o-matic is worth its weight in gold! This software allows me to create and record videos to show others the beauty of digital materials. It's simple, user-friendly, but has SO many amazing features.



Tailwind is my right-hand man to Pinterest. It helps me schedule pins and creates a place to share pins with other like-minded resource creators. I'd be lost with out!