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4 NO PRINT Ways To Engage Students In Speech Therapy

Many speech-language pathologists face large caseloads and considerable paperwork, and oftentimes prepping therapy materials gets put on the back burner out of necessity. However, many SLPs are discovering that digital resources are the perfect way to keep therapy sessions fun and therapeutic, without sacrificing time spent prepping.

Being a teletherapist has forced me to uncover new ways of engaging students, beyond the traditional cards and paper/pencil tasks that I once relied on. Known as "no print" materials, digital resources are becoming increasingly available to both teletherapists and SLPs doing face-to-face therapy. They can be utilized on a variety of devices, such as computers, tablets, smart boards, and smart phones. I have compiled a list (and video descriptions and demos) of four FREE applications that SLPs can utilize to keep therapy motivating and engaging, but require no printing or prepping.

To download Adobe Acrobat Reader, click HERE.

To check out the resource used in this demo, click HERE.

To download PDF Viewer, click HERE.

To check out the resource used in this demo, click HERE.

To visit the Boom Learning ℠ platform, click HERE.

To receive the Birthday resource used in this demo, scroll do the bottom of this page and sign up under "sign up for freebies."

To check out the Past Tense verb resource used in this demo, click HERE.

To watch another video with more information on Boom Cards, click HERE.

To download Apple Books, visit the app store from your iOS device.

To check out the resource used in this demo, click HERE.

Many resources that you already own may be easily adapted and used in a no-print format. Since the above applications are free, there's no risk in playing around and trying them out! I hope that these video demos were helpful in showing that digital applications are simple and versatile for use in speech therapy, and can truly transform the efficiency of how SLPs spend their time.

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