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Dog Themed Lesson Plan Activities For Teletherapy

I00% dog person here, folks.

National Dog Day is August 26th, and I've got your teletherapy dog themed activity needs more than covered. Full disclosure, I probably won't be your go to for National Cat Day ideas (is that a thing?) , but check out these doggone good finds from around the web to engage your students at the end of August.... or any time!


This Boom Card deck has something for nearly all of my students. With 8 different speech and language activities including vocabulary, sequencing, inferencing, listening comprehension, verbs, and more, I'll be using this to introduce the theme and tons of dog-related vocabulary, hone in on specific skills, and send for homework practice.




**If you want to talk about a specific dog breed, just search it on Epic. There are several breed-specific books!


Perfect to address almost anything! Verb tenses, pronouns, making inferences and predictions, sequencing, retell, and so much more!

GAMES and activities

These activities can be used for reinforcement or any number of speech and language goals!


There are dozens of digital coloring pages of dogs on thecolor.com, which are great to fill a few minutes of extra time or target description and vocabulary.


These activities are great for targeting comprehension, vocabulary in context, main idea and supporting details, articulation carryover, and more!

Phew! You should be set to "work like a dog" on those speech and language goals for National Dog Day, or any day. Have fun!

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