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Teletherapy Quick-Start Information for SLPs

This post was originally posted in March of 2020 (the onset of the pandemic) when SLPs needed information on how to provide teletherapy (literally) the next day. While the circumstances and urgency may have changed, today's SLPs are still entering into teletherapy for a change in setting or an addition to their current offerings.

The following information can provide information to SLPs in order to help them smoothly transition to a telepractice service delivery model.

Finding and Preparing for a New Teletherapy Job

Gotta start at the beginning... the sometimes daunting and overwhelming process of getting a job in teletherapy and/or adding the option for current clients.

Searching for a Teletherapy Job

Step one for SLPs is often to get a job in teletherapy. This includes getting answers to questions about teletherapy in general, plus specific opportunities.

Creating a Teletherapy Home Office

Teletherapy job– check! Now it's time to create a space for teletherapy and set yourself up for success.

Adding Telepractice to an SLP Private Practice

Many private practice SLPs find that there are numerous benefits to offering teletherapy. Jill Shook from Private Practice SLPs gives great insight in the following blog posts.

An SLP in a new job providing teletherapy on a computer

Teletherapy Organization

We all strive for some form of organization, but that can take some figuring out for SLPs in a teletherapy job. Get some helpful tips and tricks to get and stay organized as a teletherapist.

Communicating with Students and Parents

Teletherapy may be new to students (and their parents), too! These resource downloads will help you support them in making the transition as seamless as possible.

Organizing and Choosing Materials

When you're a teletherapist, gone are the days of overfilled cabinets and drawers. Instead, virtual SLPs learn how to stay organized digitally.

Managing and Completing IEPs and Assessments

SLP job duties (such as IEPs and assessments) that have become second nature in an in-person setting can definitely trip up SLPs in a teletherapy setting. Get ahead of that learning curve by checking out this information.

Sending Homework to Students

Similarly to IEPs and evaluations, homework in teletherapy looks a bit different. However, it's very possible– and easy– to do in multiple ways.

Teletherapy Technology and Activities

For SLPs coming from an in-person therapy setting, it can be hard to know what teletherapy sessions look like. Get your feet wet with various digitally interactive resources.

Learning the Technology

Figuring out the technology behind running a teletherapy session can be like figuring out another language! These explanations can help you confidently tackle the tech so you're able to use a variety of activities.

Engaging Students with Teletherapy Activities

It might be one of SLPs' biggest learning curves– revamping therapy for a virtual setting. Rest assured that there are tons of interactive activities to capture students' attention on the other side of the screen.

Boom Cards

It's no secret– I LOVE Boom Cards. Find out how these digital activities are so versatile for targeting literally any goal that your teletherapy students might have.

Google Slides™ Activities

Google Slides are from from the presentation-making platform they were originally made to be. They give SLPs endless possibilities for virtual speech therapy with students of all ages.

PDF Activities

Spoiler alert– PDFs are way more than printable white pages. You'll be amazed at how a computer file can be so colorful and interactive.

Teletherapy Website Activities

In addition to Boom Cards, Google Slides, and PDFs, several websites will soon be well-loved bookmarks during teletherapy sessions.

Playing Games in Teletherapy

Every SLP needs a collection of games to play, and that's no different for teletherapists!

Working with Specific Populations in Teletherapy

This posts will help guide you with those students or clients that might require a little more thought and planning when being served via telepractice.

Choosing Activities to Use in Your First Sessions

Use these ideas to support you in those first days of a new job or caseload.

An SLP on her computer working with students in a teletherapy session

Other Teletherapy Information

There are more teletherapy resources available than ever before. Here are a few more sources to check out for additional information.

ASHA Resources for Teletherapy

Podcasts Related to Teletherapy

Teletherapy Facebook Groups

These Facebook groups are great to join for additional support with teletherapy. Search them for everything from job postings to material recommendations.

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