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Christmas Themed Activities for Teletherapy

The Christmas season is a magical time, and that's no different in teletherapy! One of my favorite things about being a teletherapy SLP this time of year is that I can slightly turn my computer monitor to show students my Christmas tree. That, and the fact that I don't have to leave my warm house to do speech therapy.

In addition to sharing Christmas decorations, there are lots of Christmas-themed activities that can be used in teletherapy (with students who celebrate, of course). Here are some festively fun holiday activities that I've created, found, and used in telepractice sessions!

Christmas Boom Card Activities for Teletherapy

Nothing brings the Christmas magic like this deck of Boom Cards where students search sound-loaded Christmas scenes (Boom Learning link). The flashlight illuminates parts of the picture as they look for items, but you can also turn the "lights on" and get even more opportunities to practice speech (and language goals too!)

A magic flashlight Boom Card deck for Christmas being used on a laptop and a desktop for teletherapy

I'd venture to guess that you've never used a speech therapy activity that's centered around the sounds of Christmas!? If you're able to share sound in your teletherapy sessions, this Boom Card deck (Boom Learning link) is such a fun group activity. Students guess the Christmas sound that's played. With multiple levels and real photos, this one is great for many ages and abilities!

A Boom Card guessing game that plays Christmas sounds and includes real photos

Christmas PDF Activities for Teletherapy

A digital PDF is another great teletherapy-friendly format for nearly any platform. This PDF uses Christmas vocabulary throughout for targeting language goals such as prepositions, synonyms and antonyms, negation, inferences, metaphors, and pronouns. And to make sure you have something for every student, a little Christmas-themed articulation section is included too!

A PDF Christmas language activity being used on a laptop for teletherapy

You can also use this similar set of activities that focuses specifically on the topic of Christmas sweaters. Now if ugly (or actually, cute) Christmas sweaters isn't a fun theme for speech therapy, I don't know what is!

A set of digital language activities with a Christmas theme being played on a laptop for teletherapy

A Christmas-themed scavenger hunt might be my favorite holiday activity for teletherapy... or really any time! The versatility of this activity alone is enough to make SLPs drool. Plus, it encourages students to share their traditions and decor with you and their speech therapy peers!

A laptop displaying a Christmas themed scavenger hunt for teletherapy

If you want to keep it super simple, yet flexible for a wide range of speech therapy goals, you can present a Christmas scene with included prompts to target articulation and language skills... at the same time!

A laptop displaying a Christmas scene for students to look at during a teletherapy session

Christmas Games for Teletherapy

I love a good game for the last session before winter break, and goodness knows our students do too! In this Christmas Boom Cards game (Boom Learning link), students search for the duplicated object in each square, trying to be the first to find it and call it out.

A Boom Cards game where students look for duplicated Christmas objects in teletherapy

An elf guessing game is another way to foster holiday excitement while targeting language goals including asking and answering questions, describing, and inferencing. It comes with a Google Slides version as well as a PDF.

An elf guessing game being played in Google Slides for teletherapy sessions

Christmas Website Activities for Speech Therapy

I have to start with my favorite one, which is from ABCYa. This activity gives students the opportunity to decorate a house with Christmas lights by clicking and dragging their mouse. Once finished, it'll create a little show with music to display the lights.

ABCYa also has a fabulous "Make a Christmas Tree" activity. Students can pick their tree then add garland, lights, ornaments, a tree topper, and even gifts in tons of different colors. Oh the language you can target with this one! And similarly, ABCYa has a "Make a Cookie" activity that kids love to do in teletherapy.

Other websites offer plenty of Christmas activities too! On Baamboozle, just search "Christmas" (or a more specific phrase like "Christmas foods") to find tons of simple trivia games. I love the ones that have GIFs!

Digital coloring on is always a great addition to any themed teletherapy session, and they have tons of Christmas options here!

Of course, there's a plethora of Christmas-themed videos on YouTube that you can incorporate into a speech therapy session. I love this one, where students try to guess the Christmas movie based on a few emojis. Search for yourself– there are tons of guessing games for Christmas movies, songs, and vocabulary that make great group activities.

Christmas Speech Therapy Activities for Older Students

Middle and high school SLPs, you know I'm not going to leave you out. I have you covered with your own list of Christmas activities that older kids will love too. From a hilarious (and free) fill-in-the-blank story to personality quizzes, there are tons to choose from in this Christmas-packed blog post.

Christmas tree language Boom Card activity for older students on an iPad

Christmas shopping might be the most overwhelming thing ever, but finding a Christmas-themed teletherapy activity is actually pretty fun! I hope you can find an activity that brings some holiday cheer to you and your speech therapy students.

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