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Rain and Water Cycle Themed Activities for Speech Therapy and Teletherapy

Sometimes I really stretch my imagination to find the most riveting and intriguing themes for my teletherapy sessions. And sometimes I use more everyday themes. You know, like... water.

That's right. Water. I mean, why shouldn't the most abundant molecule on Earth receive its own week in speech therapy? But don't worry, you don't have to sacrifice any excitement when using this everyday theme. Keep reading to hear more!

Water Cycle Virtual Experience for Speech Therapy

This digital discovery is one of my favorites... it's packed with language about water! Where water comes from, how we use it, and so much more! I'll be honest, I learned a thing or two while creating it, so even your older students will be intrigued. You can really make the activity and goals as simple or complex as you want.... the clouds, errr I mean the sky is the limit!

Speech Therapy Activity for Spring Water and Rain Themed

Rain Themed Boom Cards for Speech Therapy

You know I love an activity that I can open first thing in the morning and use ALL. DAY. LONG. That is totally this deck of rain-themed Boom Cards! With 8 activities included, you can really dive into the theme.

Spring Rain Activity for Speech Therapy using Boom Cards

Effortlessly target language goals such as verbs, directions, adjectives, figurative language, and more. Like an old friend, this deck is always there when you need it. Which is basically every session at this point in the school year, am I right?

Rain and Water Cycle Themed BOOKS for Speech Therapy

Search the following book titles/authors wherever you access digital versions of books (your local library, YouTube, websites, online stores, etc.).

Fiction Books About Rain

  • In the Rain by Elizabeth Spurr

  • Worm Weather by Jean Taft

  • Splat the Cat - Rain is a Pain by Rob Scotton

  • Rain by Sam Usher

  • Rain by Linda Ashman and Christian Robinson

Non-fiction Books About Rain

  • Weather Watch: Rain by Jennifer Fretland VanVoorst

  • Rain by Grace Hansen

  • How are Rain, Snow, and Hail Alike? by Ellen Lawrence

Rain and Water Themed VIDEOS for Speech Therapy

Rain and Water Themed Games & Activities for Speech Therapy

Rain Themed Activities For Older Students

  • This Tween Tribune article tells ways in which people have tried to improve the umbrella in recent years. Bet your students never thought about that topic, but they will now!

Spring Speech and Language Activity for Older Students

So, have I convinced you that even the most mundane of topics make great speech therapy themes? Since a field trip to the water park is probably out of the question, I'm pretty sure this collection of water-themed activities is the next best thing!

Find more themed therapy blog posts here, and be sure to add my FREE lesson plans to your Google Drive!

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