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Summer Speech Therapy Homework Ideas

School's (almost) out for the summer! Like many SLPs, that means you're busy tying up loose ends in speech therapy. This may include figuring out if and how you're going to send your students on their merry way with some summer homework.

But since time is of the essence, 'easy' is the name of the game! You need homework that your students might actually complete but that won't take you a lot of time (or mental energy) to put together.

You have several options for speech therapy homework, and the best one for you will depend on your students. Do they prefer printable worksheets or digital activities? Do your students and their families have access to a device and/or the internet? Are digital activities actually more conducive to their busy lifestyle? Will your students respond better to one format of homework than another?

Summer Speech Therapy Homework Worksheets

If print-and-go is the name of your speech therapy game, you can't go wrong with a packet of worksheets that cover all goal areas. You can assemble your own from pages from activities you've done throughout the year, or get something a little more.... no prep 😜

Printable homework worksheets for speech therapy

This packet includes worksheets for articulation, language (2 levels), and social language. It has weekly activities for 12 weeks to help students pace themselves over the summer. With variety throughout the packet and on each page, you (or your students) can pick and choose which sections to complete.

If you're using any visual supports in your speech therapy sessions, be sure to send students with a copy (and some ideas for practice) to use at home over the summer!

Speech Therapy Homework Calendars

If you want something quick and printable but even more simple than packets of worksheets, homework calendars are a great option! Monthly calendars work well for on-the-go families. Just put that baby on the fridge for bite-sized bits of speech therapy homework throughout the summer!

Printable summer homework calendars for speech therapy students

This bundle of homework calendars even gives you 12 months of home practice so your students can continue their routine into the school year!

Assign Boom Card decks

Boom Learning makes it easy to share Boom Card decks with students. You can create or purchase decks to assign to individuals or groups of students. If your students love doing Boom decks in speech therapy, chances are they'll enjoy them for homework too!

Assigning Boom Card decks to speech therapy students for summer homework

Even with the free membership, you can assign decks to a handful of students. With any level of a paid membership, you can share decks with up to 150 students... and I reeeeally hope your caseload isn't that big!

Share a Google Slides File

Google Slides provide another digital option for summer speech therapy homework. This platform offers a lot of personalization features, which students (and their parents) appreciate!

Because students can put their own touches on their speech therapy homework in Google Slides, these activities can be used to make individualized resources. For example, students can create digital experience books about their summer adventures or speech books with words containing their target speech sounds.

A summer homework assignment for speech therapy articulation student using Google Slides

Assign Skills in IXL for Summer Practice

If you use the IXL website for speech therapy, don't forget that you can assign skills to students over the summer. The structured, personalized activities make it easy to review those language skills targeted throughout the school year.

Using the IXL webiste for summer speech therapy homework

Just like Boom Cards, IXL will provide you with data to track students' progress over the summer. Not only do the reports inform you of how much homework a student did over the summer, but it also gives you a clearer picture of the student's abilities and needs in certain areas come fall!

Don't let homework activities stand between you and your sweet, sweet summertime! Both printable and digital options (shoutout to my teletherapist friends!) can help you get a speech therapy homework plan in place and, most importantly, help your students maintain and generalize their skills this summer!

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