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Teletherapy Games That Your Students Will Love

SLPs are likely to agree on the most asked question in the history of speech therapy. Can we play a game today?

Students (of all ages) love games. But the transition from in-person speech therapy to teletherapy may leave you mourning the loss of your favorite therapy games. I totally get it. Games help you motivate reluctant students, target goals within a slightly less structured activity, and are the ultimate way to break up drill.

But fear not– I'm here to show you that playing games and a teletherapy setting can co-exist. Many of the games that you and your students already know and love can still be played in the teletherapy world. I’ve compiled a list, so get that bookmark button ready. And let the games begin!

Teletherapy Games for Articulation Goals

Line of Four Game (Boom Cards)

When it comes to working with older students in speech therapy, utilizing an element of strategy is so helpful for increasing motivation. Line of Four is a Boom Card game (get it on TpT or Boom Learning) that's likely familiar, so adding articulation targets is an easy way to integrate some friendly competition.

Articulation Boom Card game for teletherapy

Peg Game (Boom Cards)

This Peg Game Boom Card deck (get it on TpT or Boom Learning) is another strategy-filled game that works especially well when working with older students individually or assigning for homework. It achieves tons of trials while simultaneously challenging students (and maybe their SLPs too 😉).  

Articulation peg game for teletherapy with older students

Speech Categories (PDF)

I love word games, and this articulation game doubles as a language activity too! Students think of items in each category that contan their target sound (and type the words in the fillable text boxes). It's a great activity for generalization, and perfect to send for homework and additional practice.

Articulation categories game being played in teletherapy

Click It Game (Boom Cards)

This fast-paced articulation game (get it on TpT or Boom Learning) keeps students on their toes as they race to be the first to spot (and call out) the duplicate picture. This is a fun game to add to your teletherapy materials, and you can get a FREE version of the game on TpT or Boom Learning.

An articulation picture game being played on a laptop in teletherapy

Articulation Ships Game (Google Slides)

You know the drill– guess coordinates until you sink each of your opponent's ships. Only in this version, those coordinates include articulation targets (because we SLPs are sneaky like that). This articulation game is perfect for older students in teletherapy. It opens in Google Slides, so you can come back to your game next session if you don't finish.

A student playing a ship articulation game in teletherapy

You can also try a Battleship game on Quia. Just choose 'Battleship' from the Activity Type drop-down menu to see your options for various skills.

Dots and Boxes Game (Google Slides and PDF)

Do you know this game? Dots and Boxes has always been a favorite paper/pencil game of mine, and now there's a digital option! In speech therapy, the game is all about maximizing trials and motivating older students. Once again, Google Slides provides the perfect platform for movable images (that can be quickly cleaned up) and games that may stretch beyond one session.

An articulation dots and boxes game being played on a laptop in teletherapy

Teletherapy Games for Language Goals

Guessing Games (Google Slides)

Guessing games provide natural context for so much language. Players ask each other questions to figure out their opponent's person, animal, or object. Teletherapists and students can annotate the PDFs or use the included moveable pieces in the Google Slides version, but there's always the option to print too!

An animal guessing game to target language in a teletherapy session

Click It Game (Boom Cards)

Just like it's articulation counterpart above, this game requires students to find the picture that's displayed twice. Only this time the pictures all pertain to one seasnal or holiday theme, which lends itself to lots of language opportunities (get it on TpT or Boom Learning).

A school vocabulary Boom Card game being played on a laptop in speech therapy

Language Tiles (Google Slides)

Okay, this might be my favorite therapy game of all time... especially now that I'm an SLP. I'm definitely guilty of hoarding the physical game in my therapy room in my pre-teletherapy days. To know Secret Square is to love Secret Square. And while I don't think it's made anymore, the digital version of these language tiles keeps the magic alive... in Google Slides!

A student playing a digital language tiles game for language goals in teletherapy

Memory (Boom Cards)

Memory is a simple yet effective activity for targeting language goals in teletherapy. These Boom Card matching games (buy on TpT or Boom Learning) include seasonally-themed vocabulary, plus 9 different levels so you can adapt any game to any age group. Try a FREE school-themed memory game (get it on TpT or Boom Learning).

A memory game being played on a computer in teletherapy

Bingo (Google Slides and PDF)

You can't go wrong with a classic game of Bingo, especially when the themed vocabulary makes it easy to target multiple language goals... simultaneously. The movable pieces in Google Slides are a cinch to use as well! A PDF version is included for fans of using annotation in teletherapy.

A winter bingo game being played in teletherapy to address language goals

Website Games for Teletherapy

All of these website games are just a click away and are great to have on hand– I mean bookmarked– to use anytime in teletherapy! I have no affiliation with any of these sites, and the links are provided for your convenience only. While most of them have ads of some sort, they are all free!

With a little "outside the (board game) box" thinking and digital innovation, you can still play your students' beloved games in teletherapy. You won’t even miss the sound of the dice tumbling off the therapy table.😜

Have you found a favorite teletherapy-friendly game not mentioned here? Leave a comment and let us know abut your "game changer"!

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