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Valentine's Day Speech Therapy Activities

If you're anything like me, you might feel like Valentine's Day is synonymous with... preparation. As much as I love helping my own kids create 20+ valentines to give to classmates (and watching them unload the ones they bring home), the whole process leaves me little to no motivation to also prep Valentine's Day activities for speech therapy.

But that is A-okay because there are loads of no-prep Valentine's Day resources a click or two away! These ideas can help you target speech, language, and social skills with students of all ages this February. If digital materials like Boom Cards, digital PDFs, and Google Slides have your heart, these activities will surely sweeten your Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day following directions and language Boom Card activity for speech therapy

This Boom Cards deck (get it here on Boom) focuses on the steps and sequence of creating valentines. Your elementary caseload can work on the language around this specific task as well as following directions to create digital valentines! The directions contain embedded concepts and get progressively more complex so you can use this deck for a range of ages and levels.

Valentine's Day social language Boom Card activity for speech therapy

These Boom Cards (get them here on Boom) hit those sometimes-hard-to-target social skills goals! Students identify an appropriate short response (on a candy heart!) to what someone says. Then, students have the option to formulate a longer comment or question that would be appropriate. By having two levels, you can extend the activity for more advanced goals, as needed!

Valentine's Day articulation and language Boom Card activity for speech therapy

If you want to really awe your preschool or elementary speech therapy caseload, this flashlight search Boom Card deck (get it here on Boom) never disappoints. Students move the flashlight around the Valentine's Day scene to find sound-specific words on each card. Then get extra practice with a "lights on" version of the scene that has movable checkmarks to find (and practice) each word again.

Speech and language activity for Valentine's Day in Speech Therapy and Teletherapy

Versatility is the name of this Valentine's Day game! In this Boom Cards deck (get it here on Boom), students are presented with 2 boxes on each card and try to be the first to determine which Valentine's Day-themed object is shown in both boxes.

This is a great warm-up, session finisher, and group language activity. Plus, you can use the included "speech practice" card for articulation students to identify and practice words with their target sounds.

Valentine's Day game to use in speech therapy

Another game that gives you the flexibility to target tons of speech therapy goals is this Valentine's Day gift guessing game.

Students each pick an item before asking questions to determine which gift the other player chose. Oh, and it comes with a digital version in Google Slides that works beautifully for teletherapy... or days you don't have time to fiddle with the printer!

Free Valentine's Day activity for older students in speech therapy

Speaking of resources that you can print OR use digitally, this FREE fill-in-the-blanks story is a hilariously engaging way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your older students.

Use it for articulation or language (or both at the same time!) and I promise your students will love it. Sorry in advance for their request to do it again in the next session 😉

Valentine's Day passage and language activities for older students in speech therapy

Another way to bring the Valentine's Day spirit into sessions with older students is this passage all about candy hearts.

It includes a variety of language activities that go with the passage, and puts a fun spin on the holiday theme. Plus, you can choose which version to use with each student– Boom Cards, Google Slides, or the printable pages!

Set of digital language activities PDF for Valentine's Day in speech therapy

This digital PDF is another way to hit numerous goals with one resource. It includes activities for multiple language goals and even an articulation portion too.

The PDF can be opened on your computer or tablet and has fillable text boxes and clickable buttons and checkboxes right there on the pages. The ultimate resource for a range of goals with an elementary caseload!

Digital stickers for Valentine's Day in speech therapy and teletherapy sessions

Digital stickers are a fun way to end a Valentine's Day-themed session, or use them throughout! Digital stickers are so flexible for whatever you need them for, whether it's reinforcement or a standalone activity. Digital stickers are a staple for younger students in teletherapy!


And last but not least, check out these links to websites with Valentine's Day activities that you can also use to target a variety of goals with a range of ages in speech therapy!

As an SLP, all you need is love, and let's be honest– a week of no prepping. So treat yourself this Valentine's Day with a set of prep-free activities in speech therapy. Sheesh, there's enough there to fill the entire month of February, if you wanted to.

NOTE: Some of the above links in this post go to websites for which I have no affiliation. The links are provided for your convenience only. This post does not signify endorsement of any of the above websites or resources (other than those I have created on TpT and/or Boom Learning), and I have no responsibility or liability for any of the other content or information shared in this post.

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