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Back To School Activities for Teletherapy

The 2020-2021 school year will begin unlike any other. There are a lot of unknowns, but one thing is for sure- many Speech-Language Pathologists across the country and world will meet their students virtually rather than at a table in a therapy room. Because this is such unfamiliar territory for so many SLPs, it may be difficult to visualize what that first week of sessions will look like.

In preparation for what will be my 7th first week of school as a teletherapist, I’ve rounded up a ton of digital back to school resources to use in speech therapy. These activities break the (virtual) ice while allowing you and your students to get to know each other, build rapport, and prepare for the year ahead.

Back To School Speech Teletherapy Activity

Back To School Speech Therapy Activity PDF and Google Drive™ by Stacy Crouse

All About Me Get To Know You Activity for Teletherapy by Stacy Crouse

Connect With Others Get To Know You Icebreaker Activity (or this summer break version) for students you already know) Stacy Crouse

Connect with Others Icebreaker Activity for Older Students

Back To School Speech Search Articulation Activity Boom Cards™ by Stacy Crouse

Back to School Boom Card Activity for Speech Therapy

School Themed Language Flashlight Search Boom Cards™ by Stacy Crouse

All About Me Editable Google Slides by The Whimsical Word

All About Me Digital Interactive Notebook for Google Drive by BVG SLP

If You Had To Questions Boom Cards by My Teletherapy Room

Conversation Starters Boom Cards™ Bundle by Pinwheel Speech Products

Back to School for Older Speech/ Language Students by PomKat Speech

My Favorites BOOM Cards™ : A Getting to Know You Activity by Speech Your Mind

All About Me Book by Language Speech and Literacy

Back to School Activity by SLP To Go

Getting to Know You: Ice Breaker Activity Boom Cards by Mrs Moes Modifications

All About Me Boom Cards with Visual Supports and with Fillable Text Boxes by Emily B Speech LLC

Getting to Know You in Speech by Upstate SLP

Getting To Know You Boom Cards by Sparkly Speech Girl

Back To School/First Day Speech Boom Cards by My Teletherapy Room

There we have it! So many awesome activities to jump start a successful year with your students. Whether you're a seasoned #teleslpeep or a teletherapy first-timer, I hope that these ideas allow you to conquer the back-to-school time with a little more confidence!

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