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Back To School Activities for Teletherapy

Headed into a virtual speech therapy classroom for the upcoming school year? Among all the preparation for the new year in teletherapy, maybe you're finding that your favorite back-to-school activities don't really transfer to the new setting.

But there are still tons of other options for kicking off the school year and getting to know your students... so many that you might have trouble choosing just a couple!

For my fellow teletherapists, I’ve rounded up some back-to-school resources that are perfect for use on devices, such as teletherapy platforms. These activities break the (virtual) ice while allowing you and your students to get to know each other, build rapport, and ease into the year with some fun!

Teletherapy Introduction Activities

This set of back-to-school Google Slides (with a PowerPoint option) has been my number 1 first-day activity for years. It covers all the basics– a self-introduction, questions to get to know students, a place to share rules and platform tips, a review of therapy goals, and of course– pictures of pets!

Back To School Speech Teletherapy Activity

This Boom Card deck introduces students to rules and expectations for teletherapy sessions in a fun and visual way! Students determine if each statement is a "do" or a "don't", which also prompts lots of discussions to even target speech therapy goals from day one!

Teletherapy Rules and Expectations Activity for the First Day

"All About Me" Activities for Teletherapy

This fillable PDF covers all the get-to-know-you basics when meeting students at the beginning of the year– name, birthday, favorites, etc. My favorite part is the maps because they prompt discussion about where each student (and you, the therapist) lives!

All About Me teletherapy activity for first day of school

For older students (who may be less than enthused by the classic rapport-building resources), finding an ice-breaker can be a bit more challenging. This Connect with Others Activity (or this summer break version for students you already know) is always a hit. It puts a unique and strategy-filled spin that most other introductory resources don't have!

Connect with Others Icebreaker Activity for Older Students

School-Themed Games for Teletherapy

Using general school-themed games is a great way to jump back in at the beginning of the year... especially when those activities can give you information about your students' language skills!

This Back-to-School Click It Boom Card Game keeps things fast-paced and fun! Students race to find (and call out) the duplicated school supply. You can slide out the optional language prompts on the bottom if you want to!

School-themed Boom Card game for teletherapy and language therapy

This FREE Back-To-School Memory Boom Cards deck is another easy game to get warmed up for the year. It has multiple levels so you can use it for nearly any grade level, and it's a great warm-up activity any time!

Back to school Boom Cards Free activity for speech therapy and teletherapy

There's something about Bingo... students love it, don't they?! This Back To School version includes both a printable and digital format (Google Slides), so you can use whichever works best for your platform or setting. Combining the two formats works well, too!

Back to school bingo game for teletherapy and speech therapy

A magic flashlight search is a definite way to get students active and engaged in therapy after the summer break. While searching the scenes for objects in this school-themed Boom Card deck, you can elicit so much language and conversation.

Back to School Boom Card Activity for Speech Therapy

And there we have it! A variety of awesome activities to jump-start a successful year with your students. Whether you're a seasoned Tele-SLP or a teletherapy first-timer, I hope that these ideas help you conquer back-to-school time with confidence and a plan!

Originally posted on 7/22/2020. Updated on 6/25/23.

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