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Fire Safety Lesson Plan Activities For Speech Therapy

Fire Prevention Week (which is the week of October 9th each year) is a great opportunity to use the theme of fire safety in your speech therapy sessions. After all, is there anything more important than teaching your students how to be safe, should a fire (big or small) ever occur?

I'm making it easy for you by gathering tons of links to fire prevention and safety-themed activities to use in speech therapy (including teletherapy!) sessions.

Fire Safety Themed Boom Cards

Boom Cards are my go-to for most themes, and Fire Prevention Week is no different! This deck has at least an activity or two for all of my elementary students. (also available here on Boom Learning). It targets goals of sequencing, answering wh- questions, vocabulary, description, pronouns, inferences, reading comprehension, and articulation. Wowza!

Fire Safety Boom Cards to target speech and language goals in speech therapy and teletherapy

For students working on text comprehension and inferencing, this non-fiction passage offers questions with visuals and without. The passages throughout this Boom Card deck (Boom Learning link) can actually be used for many fall themes to monitor progress and target goals, and Fire Prevention Week is no exception!

Fall themed speech therapy boom cards to target vocabulary and inferencing for fire safety theme

Fire Safety Themed PDFs

Don't miss this FREE one-page fire safety activity for mixed groups! With language and articulation targets right on the page, it's incredibly simple to hit all the goals with this one simple resource. Open it on a PDF reader on a computer or tablet, or print the black/white version!

Fire Safety Speech Therapy Activity to Print or use on a Digital Device in Teletherapy

Books About Fire Safety

Search the following book titles/authors wherever you access digital versions of books (your local library, YouTube, websites, online stores, etc.).

  • Let's Meet a Firefighter by Gina Bellisario

  • Fluffy and the Fire Fighters by Kate McMullan

  • What Do They Do? Firefighters by Jennifer Zeiger

  • What Should I Do? If There's a Fire by Will Mara

  • Firefighters: Battling Smoke And Flames by Tom Greve

Videos About Fire Safety

Fire Safety Themed Games and Activities

Reading Passages About Fire Safety

Fire Safety Activities for OLDER STUDENTS

Other Website Resources for Fire Safety Information

As therapists and educators, we know that teaching fire safety and prevention is always worth our while. I hope that this post helps you to pull together engaging and effective fire safety-themed lessons for your students.

If you're looking for more fall teletherapy activities, download my FREE Google spreadsheet here! And check out more themed lesson plan blog posts!

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