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Free Christmas Lights Themed Lesson Plan Activities For Teletherapy

When it comes to speech therapy materials, there is definitely not a shortage of Christmas-themed activities to choose from. Since it is such a big theme, I like to break it down into a few sub-themes (which surprisingly, is not made-up word!). Using a more specific Christmas theme allows me to target particular concepts and vocabulary more explicitly. Plus, it streamlines my planning by making it less overwhelming!

What is a kid's favorite thing about Christmas? Okay, other than the gifts. And the never-ending cookies. Christmas lights! The twinkling lights excite kids (and adults!) all month long. So, might as well use them to ignite some enthusiasm in your sessions, too!

Check out all of these links to FREE activities to "brighten" your therapy sessions this holiday!

Christmas Lights Games

This activity on is so fun for younger students! They can click and drag the mouse (or use their finger on the screen) to "hang" strings of lights, then watch the lights flash to music. If you're doing teletherapy and can't give mouse control to your student, just have them describe to you where to put the lights!

This strategic maze game is great for your older students. It has that video game feel, so it's sure to be a hit 😉

Other Activities

You can't go wrong with a quick coloring activity! I use for digital coloring pages all the time. This digital coloring page works great for the Christmas lights theme. This one or this one would work well for printing!

I love "spot the difference" pictures, especially to target negation (isn't, doesn't, etc.). This one will challenge even your older students!

This Christmas lights puzzle is a quick freebie for email subscribers! It opens in Google Slides, and makes a nice cooperative group activity, or a time-filler for the last few minutes of a session!

Virtual Light Displays

The website has rounded up the most impressive light displays across the Eastern and Western United States. I love this activity for comparing and contrasting. And videos are included!

This website links to some amazing Christmas markets and light displays around the world! Ooooh.... ahhhhh....

Be sure to grab this freebie in my store! It's a Christmas lights scavenger hunt that you can pair with any photos or videos of light displays that you have or find online. This is another great group activity, and will also provide so many language opportunities!

Articles about Christmas Lights

Newsela has adapted this article from the Seattle Times about the manufacturing, use, and recycling of Christmas lights. Perfect for targeting so many higher language goals, plus articulation during reading.

This article from Time, which discusses the history of Christmas lights, is great for your oldest students. Since it's not specifically written for kids, it has some advanced vocabulary for targeting context clues.

Don't miss this article discussing how an upstate New York family just beat their own world record for the most Christmas lights on a residential property. It includes a video that your students will enjoy, too!

Quizzes about Christmas Lights

If your students love random trivia, they'll love this quiz about Christmas lights on!

And who can resist a good personality quiz? Even if it is just to determine which Christmas lights match your personality type 😂 Try this one from! It'd be a helpful activity for students to make inferences as to why they got the results they did!

Pick and choose your favorite activities from this list, and then watch your students glow with excitement all week! And if you're looking for more Christmas activities, click here!

Need some ideas for other themes? Find those here!

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