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Free Thanksgiving No Print Activities for Speech Therapy

With Thanksgiving coming soon, it's a great time to reflect on all that we're thankful for.... and for Speech-Language Pathologists, NO PREP, NO PRINT activities have to be at the top of that list, am I right? 🤣

Whether you're a teletherapist or an SLP who loves to integrate technology into your sessions, you can't go wrong with interactive and engaging digital activities to target your students' speech and language goals. What's even better– a list of FREE ones!

So eat, drink, and download these FREE Thanksgiving activities to use in speech therapy this November!

Thanksgiving Activity for Speech Therapy Older Students

Thanksgiving Speech Lib Activity by Stacy Crouse is a PDF with fillable text boxes that auto-populate to create a funny story about Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Food Memory and Recall Boom Cards™ by Speak and Teach PH targets vocabulary identification and memory recall for 3 to 4 critical elements.

Thanksgiving Themed Uncover a Win Articulation Speech Game by Simply Speaking SLT is a PowerPoint game targeting articulation.

Thanksgiving Reward Activity Boom Cards by Language Speech and Literacy is an open-ended activity or reward that allows students to dress a turkey.

Thanksgiving Spatial Concepts Boom Cards™ by In Unison Speech Therapy practices the concepts near and far using Thanksgiving dishes.

Thanksgiving Synonyms Tic Tac Toe for Google Slides™ by Build Words targets vocabulary through two interactive games.

Thanksgiving Idioms Figurative Language Freebie by SLP Madness practices understanding and using Thanksgiving-themed idioms.

Thanksgiving Identical Matching Activity Boom Cards™ by Angie S targets matching of real photos of Thanksgiving objects.

Thanksgiving Compare and Contrast Boom Cards™ by Speechie Adventures uses a graphic organizer to work on description and vocabulary.

Thanksgiving Adapted Book and Mini Lesson by Speech Brain is an interactive PDF that uses real photos and symbols to teach about what many people do on Thanksgiving.

Minimal Pairs s/t Hide & Seek Speech Thanksgiving Theme Boom Cards™ by Little Speech Shop is a fun and interactive game that promotes lots of practice.

Thanksgiving Dinner Interactive Book by Katrina Bevan can be used in Easel (TpT's own program for using digital resources) and is a fun activity for vocabulary and directions.

One thing I know we're all thankful for is TIME, so hopefully these no-print freebies give you back some this holiday season! For more Thanksgiving time-savers, check out these teletherapy Turkey Day activities. Happy Thanksgiving!

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