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No Print Activities to Beat Boredom in Speech Therapy with Older Students

Let's face it. Just because it's the end of the school year and your older students might be– well, over it– doesn't mean you have tons of extra time to hunt down exciting, new activities as a last-ditch attempt to engage them. In fact, you're probably in full-on paperwork mode with even less time than usual.

But since the same ol' same ol' set of therapy activities just isn't cutting it anymore, you need something quick and effective to prevent any more eye rolls from your students. And you'd rather not spend your prep time hanging out with the printer, either.

If this is you, or you're hopelessly searching for engagement from your middle and high school students any time of year, peruse this list of NO PRINT activities. I can almost guarantee there are at least a couple that your students have never done and will bring back that therapy spark you've been searching for!

By Stacy Crouse

Take a poll (or over 100 polls!) to get kids talking about high-interest topics! Perfect for nearly any goal, any time. It's especially useful for those mixed groups that are exceptionally puzzling to plan for when you've used everything else in your bag of tricks!

Poll Questions Activity for Older Students in Speech Therapy

By Stacy Crouse

This Articulation Peg Boom Card Game is loaded with trials, plus your students will have trouble faking like they're not having fun while utilizing strategy to win the game!

Articulation Game for Older Students in Speech Therapy

By Stacy Crouse

Another game for those strategic thinkers to play....while you scribble down some progress report data that you so desperately need! Your students likely already know the popular game, but now you've got articulation targets built into this Google Slides™ version make it more speech therapy-friendly!

Articulation Google Slides activities for older students in speech therapy

By Stacy Crouse

Targeting students' articulation goals within a new context is a great way to change things up! These word puzzles give students something to figure out while practicing their speech. The activities include both printable and Boom Cards versions to suit any setting!

Articulation word puzzles activity for older students in speech therapy

By Kiwi Speech

Clearly, I love utilizing the element of logic to hook older students into engaging! These brain teasers are loaded with speech targets to give students tons of opportunities to practice their sounds during a motivating activity.

By Stacy Crouse

Use this Google Slides™ activity to target goals functionally! Students can complete pages about national parks in this digital guidebook using links to interesting websites and webcams. A great way to gear up for summer travel, too!

National Parks activity for older students in speech therapy

By The Speech Serenade

These PDFs are another way to explore the U.S. while targeting higher-level language goals such as inferences, time management, and reasoning. Perfect for executive functioning and other functional goals.

By Creative Speech Lab

Take a trip through The White House with this highly interactive activity. The videos, virtual walks, photos, and diagrams are sure to interest your students. Learning about a topic while targeting goals is my jam!

By My Teletherapy Room

Target character traits with a fun video game feel, which obviously makes it appealing to the older crowd! Travel to each planet to complete missions that focus on character education, social language, problem-solving, vocabulary, description, and more!

You've likely been working with the majority of your caseload for 8 consecutive months, and everyone is getting a little antsy for a break. That is not your fault! But with just a couple of clicks, any one of the above activities will help you take the stress-free (and prep-free) route to more engaging sessions for the last few weeks!

For more ideas for older students, check out this post!

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