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Snowman Activities for Speech Therapy and Teletherapy

Embrace the snowy months in speech therapy with a favorite winter theme– snowmen! Better yet, stash up on snowman activities that can be used digitally (i.e. without the hassle) in speech therapy or teletherapy.

These snowmen activities require no printing, no prepping, and no real snow! Just loads of opportunities to target articulation and language goals using a fun winter topic.

Snowman Boom Cards for Speech Therapy

Do you want to build a snowman... and practice articulation at the same time? It's easy to do with this create-a-snowman Boom Card activity (also available here on Boom Learning)! With 60+ sound-specific cards, you can find your students' exact targets. An open-ended card gives you something snowman-themed for working on language, too!

Create a snowman articulation activity for speech therapy being played in a laptop with a snowy background

Language students (well, all students actually) will also love using a movable flashlight to search for the listed vocabulary items. This interactive Boom Cards deck (also available here on Boom Learning) has 3 scenes for each of the four seasons. Use the snowman picture now, and the rest can be used throughout the year. 🙌

winter flashlight search Boom Cards activity on an iPad for speech therapy session

Snowman Games for Speech Therapy

Play Guess Who.... snowman style! This snowman guessing game opens in Google Slides and is all ready to go with movable game chips. Students ask each other questions to figure out which snowman the other player chose. The PDF version can be printed, sent for homework, or used digitally with annotation tools.

Snowman guessing game being played on a computer for teletherapy to target speech therapy goals

Snowman PDF Activity for Speech Therapy

Few activities bring this SLP more joy than finding an engaging themed activity that includes opportunities to target both articulation and language. This snowman-building page from my One-Page Picture Scenes for Speech Therapy fits the bill perfectly! The PDF has prompts right on the page with clickable checkboxes for each one.

Snowman picture scene PDF activity on a laptop computer

Snowman Books for Speech Therapy

Search the following book titles/authors wherever you access digital versions of books (your local library, YouTube, websites, online stores, etc.).

  • Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright

  • Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner

  • The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll

  • Snowzilla by Janet Lawler

Snowman Articles for Speech Therapy

Older students might enjoy reading about the history of snowmen from the Farmer's Almanac. Note the option to download the article (and pictures) as a PDF so you don't have to deal with the ads.

Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids has some cool snowman facts with real photos. There's even the earliest known photograph of a snowman from 1853!

Snowman Website Activities for Speech Therapy

ABCya has a fun Make-A-Snowman activity where students can choose their snowman's face, hat, scarf, arms, and buttons. Save the creation and send it as a home carryover activity– students can tell someone at home about what they chose!

This build-a-snowman activity on Starfall ends with a cute little song and would work well for younger students .

Also for younger kids is this Sesame Street activity where you can build a snow... monster! Students can also change the weather to be warmer and see what happens to the snowmonster!

Use to digitally color a snowman picture. and work on vocabulary, expand language, or fill the last few minutes of a speech therapy session!

Play snowman memory from It's also a great time-filler, group activity, or reinforcer.

From Fun Kids Jokes, you'll find tons of jokes about snowmen... which are great for working on multiple-meaning words! Scout Life also has a page of snowman funnies, several of which are cartoons that younger students will enjoy.

Snowman Videos for Speech Therapy

Super Simple Songs has this "I'm a Little Snowman" song that's great for teaching vocabulary and eliciting language.

Older students might enjoy this snowman drawing tutorial from Art for Kids Hub. I find drawing activities can provide a lot of language opportunities, especially when kids hold up their drawings for others to see!

Watch the world's tallest snowwoman being built in Bethel, Maine in 2008.

This Simon's Cat video on YouTube (called Snow Cat) is just a minute and a half long, but full of opportunities to target higher language skills, including making inferences, narrating, and formulating complex and compound sentences.

On the Fox Weather YouTube channel, Bob Eckstein (a self-proclaimed snowman expert) tells the long history of the snowman. It's super interesting! Please note that the video mentions and shows an advertisement for alcohol around the 1:30 mark.

FREE Snowman Activity for Speech Therapy

If you're an email subscriber, make sure to grab this FREE snowman coloring activity to target concepts, vocabulary, and following directions! It has 2 sets/levels of directions and is a PDF that you can print (easy homework activity!) or use with annotation on an iPad or teletherapy platform.

Free snowman coloring page for following directions in speech therapy

Snowmen are bound to be a winner this winter in your speech therapy room or teletherapy platform! This light-hearted theme can be used with both younger and older students to target articulation, language, or any other speech therapy goals. Find a few favorite activities to use across your caseload each winter.

If you and your students love snow (at least the theme, if not the real stuff😉), might as well keep the (snow)ball rolling! Try more snow-themed or winter sports activities in speech therapy.

NOTE: Some of the above links in this post go to websites for which I have no affiliation. The links are provided for your convenience only. This post does not signify endorsement of any of the above websites or resources (other than those I have created on TpT and/or Boom Learning), and I have no responsibility or liability for any of the other content or information shared in this post.

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