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  • Stacy Crouse

Using Interactive PDF Resources In Speech Therapy

I have recently discovered another fantastic digital speech therapy tool for both teletherapy and in-person therapy, and that is interactive PDFs (portable document format). An interactive PDF is different from a regular PDF in that, when in digital form, it contains elements that can be clicked and/or modified when using it.

While an interactive PDF can be printed as a worksheet or used statically like any other PDF, the 'interactive' component occurs when used on a computer, smartphone or iPad/tablet. When used digitally, students are able to engage with the resource via the device they're using. For example, an interactive PDF may have 'clickable' buttons that will allow a student to select from multiple choices or link to other pages within the resource. It could also have editable text boxes that allow the student to type a word or words.

For teletherapy, I am able to easily use interactive PDFs within the teletherapy platform. I open the resource on my computer using Adobe Reader DC, which is a PDF reader. I then screen share that window within the teletherapy platform so that the student is able to see the resource. The student can then request control of the mouse (a feature that many video conferencing platforms have) to navigate the activity. As you can see below, the student was able to type the sentence into the text box of the PDF. The student could also click on the navigation buttons on the bottom (back, home, or next) to go to different pages within the resource.

In the next example, the student is able to select which of the minimal pair words he/she heard.

This interactive PDF contains answer buttons that are clickable. When the student selects the correct answer choice, the page is advanced, indicating that the correct answer was chosen.

As you can see in the example above, interactive PDFs work well on an iPad, in addition to a computer. It is very simple to open a resource on a PDF reader app, such as Books, to be used whenever needed. The video below demonstrates how this can be done quickly... in just a matter of moments!

If less printing and less paper is appealing to you and you'd like to try out an interactive PDF on your computer and/or iPad, I have this FREE one available! Additionally, there are FREE interactive PDFs in my subscriber-only freebie HERE to sign up or access!

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