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How To Download a PDF from TpT to Use on Your iPad in Speech Therapy

For Speech-Language Pathologists, the convenience of ready-to-go resources on Teachers Pay Teachers is quite possibly the best thing in the SLP world since, I don't know, evaluation report templates? Most of us purchase, download, and save amazing, time-saving PDFs to a desktop computer where we can print them, or use them digitally. So, want to make life even easier by skipping a bunch of those steps and using the activities on an iPad? Keep reading to learn how!

First, we need to download the PDF from TpT using the browser app on your iPad (Safari). Navigate to the resource listing page. In this example, I'll be showing how to download my digital articulation cards (which are ideal for using on an iPad!). Click the button to download (or purchase, if it's a resource you don't yet own).

The PDF will download to another tab within the Safari browser. You will be able to click on the tab and view the PDF, but the PDF may not be fully functional for digital use.... yet. For example, if the PDF contains interactive elements, such as clickable buttons or fillable text boxes (you know you I love a good interactive PDF), they will not likely work yet. So, you can open the PDF in a designated PDF reader app (such as Apple Books or one of these free PDF readers for iPad) by clicking the 'Share' button. This button is a box with an arrow pointing out of the top, as shown below.

After you click the 'Share' button, a pop-up (known as the 'Share Sheet' in iPad lingo) will open at the top. You will see various options for sharing or opening the PDF. If you see the PDF reader you want to use along the top, click it.

If you do not see the PDF application, swipe over to where it says 'More' and click that to get more choices of already-downloaded apps.

Then, the PDF will open in the app that you specified and is ready to go! Most PDF reader apps can store the PDFs on the iPad moving forward (assuming you have enough storage capacity). This means you don't need to have internet access to use the file once it's been downloaded to the iPad!

Simple right? Give it a try! Here are a few FREE resources in my store that work wonderfully on an iPad PDF reader!

Digital Interactive Minimal Pair Cards for s/sh

Digital Interactive Articulation Cards /k/ Initial

Winter Speech and Language Activities Free Sample

Fire Station One Page Scene for Mixed Groups

And here's a link to the digital articulation cards shown in this post!

Cheers to learning new ways to use your iPad in speech therapy..... and never having to email your TpT purchases to yourself every again!

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