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20 Free No Print Resources for speech therapy

Are you looking for some new speech therapy materials to liven up your sessions? Better yet, materials that you won't have to prep, or even print, and won't cost you a penny? I've rounded up a list of awesome resources for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) that will do all of that! Check out the materials linked below that are available to download and be used immediately on your tablet, computer, teletherapy platform, or smart board!

I Spot Articulation Picture Search /r/ Blends Freebie by Stacy Crouse: Race to locate and produce /r/ blend words in this picture search.

Free R Sound Self-Monitoring Tool by GoldieTalks Speech: This Boom Cards™ deck is a self-check visual that allows students to monitor and rate their own /r/ sound.

Boom Cards Articulation er Sound Snowball Fight by Badger State Speechy: Students drag and drop snowballs at the target words in this Boom Cards™ deck.

Free Articulation Boom Cards Initial R Build-A-Kid Game Sample by Speech Your Mind: This game is played like hangman using /r/ initial words while building a kid character.

Free Boom Cards Feed The Animals /f/ Sounds by The Speech Zone: In this Boom Cards™ activity, students can drag and drop target words into the mouths of animals on the card.

Free S and Z Word Sort Articulation Boom Cards by GoldieTalks Speech: Students discriminate /s/ and /z/ by dragging pictures of target words to the corresponding hot air balloon.

Animal Adjectives Boom Cards Freebie by Stacy Crouse: In this Boom Cards™ Deck, students identify adjectives to describe the animal in a photograph.

Main Idea Short Passages Freebie Google Drive Activity by The Whimsical Word: Practice identifying the main idea with visual choices in this Google Drive activity.

No Print Summer Language Pack Abridged by The Speech Serenade: This activity targets analogies with picture prompts and answer choices.

Ninja Themed Before/After Directions Boom Cards Freebie by The Speech Ninja: Target temporal directions (before/after) using the drag and drop features of Boom Cards™.

No Print Speech Therapy Expanding Sentences Real Photos Summer by Language Speech and Literacy: Students can practice pronouns, verbs, wh- questions and producing simple sentences with this resource!

Free No Print Winter Nouns and Pronouns Speech Therapy by Allison Fors: With this resource, you can target nouns, pronouns, and description using colorful scenes.

Free Sentence Scramble No Print Boom Cards™ by Allison Fors: Use drag and drop to put 3-6 word sentences in the correct order.

Antonyms Freebie Cards by Susan Berkowitz: These task cards target antonyms using a field of three picture choices.

Boom Cards Social Skills Activities Feelings and Emotions No Print Freebie by Looks Like Language: Student are able to name and/or find the matching feeling of cute monster faces.

Free Formal or Informal Communication Activity for Middle and High School by Badger State Speechy: This activity allows the student to practice changing statements from formal to informal, and vice versa.

Back To School Editable Parent Letters for SLPs by Stacy Crouse: Edit and customize this resource to send to parents at the beginning of the year to provide an introduction to speech therapy.

Free Back to School Themed No Print Hidden Image Game for 100 Trials in Speech by Simply Speaking SLT: Get 100 trials with this PowerPoint game as your student uncovers a school-themed mystery image

Back to School for Older Speech/Language Students by PomKat Speech: Facilitate discussion, build rapport, and discuss goals and summer plans with this board game.

Teletherapy Tips For A Successful School Year (Freebie) by My Teletherapy Room: Start the year off on the right foot by sending this list of tips for successful teletherapy sessions to parents/caregivers.

If you're new to teletherapy and/or using no print, the above resources provide a great starting point for exploring what is possible in the world of digital SLP materials. For veteran no print users, I hope you were able to add some new tools to your digital toolbox!

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