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Using Boom Cards™ In Speech Therapy

Have you heard of Boom Cards™ from Pinterest, fellow Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), or a friend but aren’t really sure what they are or how they could be used in speech therapy? Let’s explore the answers to these questions and allow you to see just how simple it is to integrate Boom Cards as a therapeutic tool.

What are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are task or flash cards (known as decks) used to teach or practice a skill. Boom Cards are:

  • Digital: Boom Cards are played on the Boom Learning℠ platform, which can be loaded on an internet browser on a computer or smart board, or on the Boom Learning℠ app on a tablet or smartphone.

  • Cloud-based: Boom Cards are not downloaded and stored on the user’s device, but rather are stored in the user’s library in the cloud. Internet access or cellular connection is required to sign in to your account, buy, and access your library of decks.

  • Interactive: Students are able to directly engage with Boom Cards by reading prompts/directions and completing a variety of tasks such as selecting a multiple choice answer, typing an answer in a text box, or dragging and dropping words or objects on the card using a mouse or stylus, or their finger.

  • Self-grading: A student’s answer accuracy can be calculated and tracked over time. Additionally, teachers and therapists can assign decks to individuals, groups or classes for homework.

How can Boom Cards be used in speech therapy sessions?

Boom Cards are an extremely versatile way to use technology with students in speech therapy. Whether targeting articulation, language, or social or life skills, they can meet the needs of many students. Boom Card decks like the deck below utilize the drag and drop feature. This deck targets articulation by having the student produce the words under the pictures that are then dragged and dropped to create a scene.

There are a multitude of Boom Card decks available for free or purchase that target a variety of expressive and receptive language skills. This deck targets identifying synonyms and antonyms using real photographs, multiple choice answers.

Synonym and Antonyms Boom Cards for Speech Therapy

Boom Cards targeting pragmatics or life skills can be a novel way to engage older students. For example, the deck below allows a student to practice identifying the meaning of various community and road signs.

Boom Cards can be used with individual students or groups in speech therapy. They can also be assigned to students to work on in their time outside of sessions! When opened on a tablet, smartphone, smart board, computer, or teletherapy platform, SLPs can guide and teach students within the context of the Boom Card deck without spending any time printing or planning. Some Boom Card decks may have a lesson integrated into the deck, while others provide practice of a target skill.

Be sure to check out this 5 minute video that will give you even more information on Boom Cards!

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