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Using Boom™ Cards In Speech Therapy

So, what's the buzz about Boom Cards? As a speech-language pathologist, these digital marvels changed the way I did speech therapy (well, teletherapy) in 2018. And since then, I've been on a mission to show other SLPs how simple it is to integrate this digital tool into therapy sessions.

What are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are sets of task cards (known as decks) that are used to teach or practice a specific skill– any skill! The goals that you can address with Boom Cards are as diverse as speech therapy goals themselves. Teachers (at all levels) can also use Boom Cards to target academic subjects from A to Z!

Boom Cards are DIGITAL.

Boom Card decks are used right from the Boom platform. The website can be accessed like any other site on an internet browser. The Boom Learning app can be used on a tablet or smartphone.

Boom Cards are CLOUD-BASED.

Boom Cards are not downloaded. They are stored in the user's library within the platform, which is good news for those of us who never seem to have enough storage space on our devices! Internet access or a cellular connection is required for a user to buy decks and access them later.

Boom Cards are INTERACTIVE.

Students directly engage with Boom Cards by reading or listening to text on the cards and/or completing a variety of responses. This may include any number of interactive features including...

  • Selecting a multiple-choice answer (pictures or text)

  • Typing into a text box

  • Recording their own voice (and playing it back)

  • Dragging and dropping text or images using a mouse, stylus, or finger.

Boom Cards are SELF-GRADING.

While playing a deck, students may receive instant, automatic feedback (depending on the response type above). With some Boom Learning memberships, student performance can be tracked and viewed over time. Perfect for progress monitoring in speech therapy!

Boom Cards are VERSATILE.

Boom Cards can be used to target an goal with children (or adults) at any age. Decks are designed for a specific purpose and population, so even middle and high school SLPs can find mature, interactive resources for their students.

How are Boom Cards used in speech therapy?

Boom Cards provide a simple and fun way to use technology with students in speech therapy. And believe me, you should be using technology with students in some way.

Luckily, Boom Cards make it easy. No matter the goal area– articulation, phonology, fluency, language, social skills, life skills– there's a Boom Card deck that can help you save time and resources and increase student engagement.

Boom Card deck for pragmatic language in speech therapy nonverbal communication

Boom Cards are dynamic, colorful, and interactive. They engage students (yep, even the sometimes reluctant ones) when nothing else does! Boom Cards can be used with both individual students and groups in speech therapy. Some decks have a lesson built into the deck, while others just provide structured practice activities.

A student doing a Boom Card activity on a computer in a speech therapy session.

Which devices can play Boom Cards?


Boom Cards can be played on the Boom Learning website using a desktop computer, laptop computer, or Chromebook. As long as there is an internet connection and a browser that runs HTML5 (which includes Chrome, Safari, and Firefox), Boom Cards should work!

For teletherapy sessions, Boom Cards are a game-changer. They can be presented to students using screen share, with or without remote mouse control.

Phones or Tablets

There is a FREE Boom Learning app available for iPads and iPhones (on the App Store), Androids (Google Play), and the Kindle Fire. This is a great option for SLPs that are on the go from classroom to classroom, between buildings, or visiting clients in their homes or daycares.

Interactive Whiteboards

Using Boom Cards on an interactive whiteboard is a great option for speech therapy groups or push-in lessons. A projector connects to the computer and displays the contents of the computer screen on the whiteboard. The whiteboard may be touch-sensitive for whatever is on the screen. Some whiteboards act as standalone computers.

Assigning Boom Cards as Speech Therapy Homework

As a bonus benefit, SLPs can use Boom Cards for homework! With just a couple of clicks, decks can be assigned to individual students, groups, or whole classes for students to complete on their own time.

Free Boom Cards for Speech Therapy

Give Boom Cards a try... for free! Check out these speech therapy decks and see for yourself how these digital activities can truly transform your session.

Free initial /r/ Boom Cards for speech therapy

Free Initial /r/ Articulation Boom Cards

This set of 30 articulation cards for initial /r/ includes audio and a self-feedback component. The pictures suit a range of age groups, too!

Get it from the Boom Store or TpT.

Free regular and irregular past tense verbs Boom Cards

Free Regular and Irregular Past Tense Verbs Boom Cards

Use sentence and picture context to identify past tense verbs. This is a great deck for structured syntax practice!

Get it from the Boom Store or TpT.

free Ling 6 sounds detection Boom Cards for speech therapy

Free Ling 6 Sounds Detection Activities Boom Cards

This deck is perfect for your new listeners! Your deaf and hard-of-hearing students can listen for the sounds and move the pictures when they hear them.

Get it from the Boom Store or TpT.

There are just a few... try 10 free speech therapy Boom Card decks, if you'd like! With Boom Cards, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! SLPs can open on their digital device of choice and facilitate learning in speech therapy without spending any time printing or planning.

Ready to dive in to using Boom Cards, like now? Get a 10% discount on individual subscriptions! (I may earn a referral prize when you use my discount link).

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