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10 Free Boom Cards for Speech Therapy

It's clear that speech-language pathologists love using Boom Cards in their speech therapy sessions. Whether working in-person or in teletherapy, these digital decks delight students of all ages and make planning next to nothing for SLPs.

Building your toolbox of Boom Cards can be overwhelming. There are so many options that it's hard to know what will be a good fit for you and your students. Getting some free decks is a great way to become familiar with Boom Cards and the many interactive features they offer.

If you have been using Boom Cards for a while, you may just be looking for some new decks to freshen up your sessions a bit. Either way, use the links below to snag tons of activities to try with your students now or whenever you're ready for something different!

Free Boom Cards for Articulation Therapy

free /r/ articulation Boom Card on a white iPad with a picture of a rose

/r/ Initial Articulation Cards

Your basic articulation cards... but in a digital format! Each of the 30 cards includes an /r/ initial target word, a picture, and an audio recording of that word. A speech therapy staple!

Get this deck on Boom Learning or TpT.

A free /s/ clusters Boom Card game on an iPad for speech therapy

3-Element Clusters 'Click It' Game

This fast-paced game makes targeting 3-consonant /s/ clusters fun and motivating! Students won't complain about practicing as they race to be the first to find (and call out) the duplicated picture on each card.

Get this deck on Boom Learning or TpT.

A free boom Card deck on an iPad in speech therapy targeting with various activities for /z/

/z/ Speech Practice & Doodling Activities

Work on /z/ in all word positions with several activities for each target word, including drawing a picture of it... right on the Boom Card!

Get this deck on Boom Learning or TpT.


Free Boom Cards for Language Therapy

free back-to-school vocabulary memory game for speech therapy or teletherapy

Back To School Memory Game

This matching game uses school-themed vocabulary for an easy warm-up activity to use at the beginning of the year. It's loaded with language and versatility, and includes 9 different levels to cover your caseload.

Get this deck on Boom Learning or TpT.

A description Boom Card activity for speech therapy where students use adjectives to describe photographs of animals

Animal Description Activity

Work on description concepts by identifying adjectives for each animal photo presented in this speech therapy deck. This activity is fun for animal lovers and full of language.

Get this deck on Boom Learning or TpT.

Free Boom Card activity on an iPad where students move a flashlight over a restaurant scene to look for objects

Restaurant Flashlight Search Activity

Students explore darkened scenes of a fast-food restaurant using a flashlight overlay. You'll elicit tons of language and vocabulary from your elementary speech therapy caseload.

Get this deck on Boom Learning or TpT.

free multiple choice past tense verbs Boom Cards for speech therapy and teletherapy

Regular and Irregular Past Tense Verbs

If you're like me, you're always looking for fun ways to target the past tense in speech therapy. In this deck, students identify which of the 4 choices completes a sentence about a picture using the appropriate past tense verb.

Get this deck on Boom Learning or TpT.

free idioms in context Boom Cards for speech therapy

Illustrated Idioms in Context

Easily demonstrate the difference between literal and figurative meanings of idioms with this free deck. Students learn to use context to identify figurative language meaning in this fun activity.

Get this deck on Boom Learning or TpT.


Other Free Boom Cards for Speech Therapy

A free Ling 6 sounds detection Boom Card activity for teletherapy or speech therapy

Ling 6 Sounds Detection Activities

For your young children with hearing loss who are using hearing aids or cochlear implants, use this deck to work on early Ling 6 sound skills!

Get this deck on Boom Learning or TpT.

Free birthday boom card activities for speech therapy

Birthday Activities Boom Cards

This freebie helps you celebrate student birthdays... with zero prep or planning! It's loaded with language, personalization, and even a recording of the "Happy Birthday" song!

How many speech therapy Boom Card decks in your library are too many? Trick question– the limit does not exist 😆 So dive (or should I say click) in and use some of these freebies right away. Share the link to this post with your SLP friends and colleagues so they can get in on the free Boom Card fun, too!

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