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25+ Free Speech Therapy Activities (That You Don't Have to Print!)

Are you looking for some new speech therapy materials to liven up your sessions? Better yet, resources that you won't have to print, prep, or pay for? Download any (or all!) of these time and money-saving activities for immediate use on your iPad, computer, teletherapy platform, or smart board.

Free Articulation Activities

Keep articulation therapy fun and fresh by using these digital activities on any device.

Articulation cards... but without the storage! This interactive PDF has checkboxes for students to click (on a computer) or tap (on an iPad) as they practice each target word.

In this fun activity, students race to find, count, and produce /r/ blend words scattered on the page.

Try these articulation Boom™ Cards (available here on Boom) for drill practice. The deck has 30 initial /r/ words, including an audio recording and bright and engaging pictures for each word.

Having lists of words for each type of vocalic /r/ is the handiest SLP hack ever! The clickable checkboxes ensure you can get lots of trials, too.

In this Boom Card activity (available here on Boom), students get to show off their creativity as they draw (and practice) each of the 30 target /z/ words.

Display this one-page diagram to teach speech students about the articulators of speech (which will help you with eliciting new sounds).

Target /s/ in any word position using this strategy-filled Google Slides game. You can also annotate the PDF version (or send it to students for homework).

This fast-paced Boom Cards game (available here on Boom) welcomes a little friendly competition to your articulation sessions as students race to find the duplicated picture.

A student playing a free Boom Card articulation game on an iPad in speech therapy

Free Language Activities for Speech Therapy

Target vocabulary, figurative language, syntax, and more in your speech therapy sessions with these free language resources.

For your animal lovers! In this Boom Cards deck (available here on Boom), students identify words to describe animals in real photos.

In this Boom Cards activity (available here on Boom), students work on figurative language within the context of short paragraphs. A literal illustration of each idiom gives your students a laugh as they identify the meaning of each expression.

On each of the 10 cards of this Boom Cards deck (available here on Boom), students identify the past tense form of the verb to complete a sentence about a picture.

This deck of Boom Cards (available here on Boom) is loaded with visuals to help students understand and practice answering wh- questions about the beach.

Another Boom Card deck (available here on Boom) with a high-interest topic– food! Students use a flashlight to search 3 darkened picture scenes and locate the listed vocabulary words.

For your older students, this interactive PDF contains a passage about Acadia National Park and coordinating questions for various language goals.

An older student in speech therapy reading a passage on a computer

Free Social Language Activity

This resource guides your students through a series of questions and activities that help them identify their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to social communication.

Free Themed Speech Therapy Activities

Find some seasonal or holiday-themed freebies to use throughout the year in speech therapy.

Ease back into school with this Boom Card game (available here on Boom) that's loaded with school vocabulary and language opportunities.

This activity is a speech staple around Halloween. Open the PDF on any device and flip through the pages as students look for the ghost on each one.

Similar to the ghost activity above, but students find the gingerbread man on each page of this PDF.

This digital PDF has a little of everything for targeting language goals with a winter theme. Just open on any device and use the buttons, text boxes, and checkboxes to engage students.

A free language therapy activity targeting verbs being played on an iPad

Free Organizational Tools for Speech Therapy

Use these free resources at the beginning and end of the year... and everywhere in between to make your SLP life a bit (or a bunch!) easier.

Edit and customize these letters to send to parents at the beginning of the year to provide an introduction to speech therapy. It includes both PowerPoint and Google Slides versions.

Maybe the biggest SLP time-saver of all time! These lesson-planning spreadsheets open in Google Sheets and are full of links to hundreds of digital activities... but you can customize them with your favorites too!

More free and helpful spreadsheets 🙌 Choose from an Excel version, Google Sheets version, or a PDF to streamline your planning and data collecting with these grids.

This free Boom Card deck (available here on Boom) helps you count down the weeks or days to the end of the year. The bright visuals are a great way to build anticipation for summer break.

A free end of the year countdown for speech therapy

Other Free Speech Therapy Resources

Grab these miscellaneous freebies for even more fun and engagement during in-person or teletherapy sessions.

Fill-in-the-blank stories are always a hit, and these free ones help you celebrate various occasions with your older students throughout the year, as well as target a variety of different goals.

Brick-and-mortar SLPs don't get to have all the sticker fun! Teletherapy SLPs can use digital stickers in so many ways. And if you give an SLP a sticker book, they are going to need some stickers to go with it. Grab a free pack of shiny star stickers, too!

This word-guessing game can be played in Google Slides as a quick small group activity or reinforcer.

Free apple tree guessing game for speech therapy or teletherapy

If you're new to teletherapy or using technology in your sessions, these free speech therapy activities will get you off to a great start. They'll help you explore what is possible in the world of digital speech therapy materials so you can determine what you need more of to serve your caseload. For veteran no-print users, I hope you were able to add some new tools to your digital toolbox!

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