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Free Summer Speech Therapy Activities That Don't Require Printing

Ahhh. After what I'm pretty sure was a 50-month school year, sweet summertime is (or is nearly) here! If you've already hung up your speech therapy cards– congratulations on finishing another undoubtedly crazy school year!

For those SLPs who are providing speech therapy over the summer, don't sweat it! You can maximize your time for fun in the sun by utilizing download-and-go activities that won't take time to print or prep!

In fact, download this entire list of FREE resources and you'll be walking on sunshine with your planning done for the summer!

Free Summer Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

Let's start with some free lesson plans for the entire summer, shall we? Not only will the clickable spreadsheet save you time, but it also puts some done-for-you organization in your work life this summer. It opens in Google Sheets and is loaded with links to speech therapy activities including...

  • games and website activities

  • books and videos

  • reading passages and articles

  • ...and more!

Summer themed lesson plans for speech therapy digital activities

Free Summer-Themed Digital Activities for Speech Therapy

Since summer is a time to be outside in the backyard, at the ballpark, or by the water, these free speech therapy resources will free up your time to do just that! The variety of digital options will also keep things exciting for your summer students or clients.

Google Drive™ Activities

For my fellow Google Slides-loving teletherapy SLPs, there are a couple of free goodies for you! Add these activities to your summer therapy toolbox, too!

Digital PDFs

Nothing like a quick PDF to pull up on your device in your summer speech therapy sessions. With no internet required, you could even use this one outside in the sun!

A camping scene on an iPad and worksheet with articulation and language prompts for a summer themed speech therapy session

Boom™ Card Decks

Boom Cards are the ultimate digital speech therapy activity all year, and summer is no different! There are tons of free decks to include in your summer therapy sessions.

a summer themed boom cards deck targeting wh questions being used on a laptop on the beach

No need to give up your poolside spot to plan a single speech therapy session this summer. Instead, lean on so many SLPs that did the job for you by creating these perfectly summer-themed activities. Fire up the grill and enjoy the season with these no-prep, digital activities.

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