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Free Winter Activities for Speech Teletherapy

Like it or not (I'll go ahead and put myself in that latter category), winter is here in Iowa. But just because the outside is dreary and dull, doesn’t mean your teletherapy sessions have to be as well! Check out these engaging, winter-themed activities for speech therapy that not only require NO PRINTING, but also NO SPENDING!

Teletherapy Activities for Winter for Google Sheets™ Lesson Plans by Stacy Crouse

Sample Winter Speech and Language Activities by Stacy Crouse

Winter S Sound Articulation Match-Ups by GoldieTalks Speech

Describe and Identify Winter Nouns Barrier Game by Build Words

Snowball Fight Articulation (Vocalic /r/) by Badger State Speechy

Identical Matching Winter BOOM CARDS™ by Angie S

Winter Themed Pragmatic Problem Solving by Detig Dialect

Yeti Good Choice and Bad/Poor Choice Sorting by Communication Blessings

Winter /S/ "What's Wrong?" Picture Scene by Two Sisters Therapy - Nicole Absher

Winter S and S Blends Articulation Teletherapy by BVG SLP

Winter How Many Can You Name by Speech Rocks

Winter Themed Wh- Questions by Allison Fors

Winter Snowman Activity Boom Cards™ by Speech Dreams

So the bad news is that it may be zero degrees outside.... but the good news is that you'll spend zero dollars on these winter activities for your teletherapy sessions.

Happy downloading!

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