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Speech Therapy Activity Bundles for Older Students

SLPs working with older students often find themselves racking their brains week after week for activities to target their students' speech therapy goals. It goes without saying that the constant search for engaging and age-appropriate materials can get old.

Having a stash of go-to speech therapy activities to rely on throughout the school year is critical to avoiding burnout. For SLPs, utilizing bundles of like resources is beneficial because it...

  • Creates consistency for students across sessions, yet still provides some variability (with changes in topics or themes, for example).

  • Decreases planning and prep time for SLPs each week since the activities are ready-to-go and familiar.

  • Saves money when compared to buying separate, full-price resources.

Purchasing bundles of similar resources is usually well worth the time, energy, and spending for SLPs that are often stretched thin in all those ways. So without further ado, here are some activity bundles that are helpful for older students in speech therapy (and teletherapy) week in and week out!

Passages & Language Activities (PDFs, Boom Cards, Google Slides)

Language Passages and Activities for Older Students in Speech Therapy

These language units are a hit with older students. Why? Each one covers a high-interest topic (related to technology, food, or sports, for example) using a one-page informational passage. They also have multiple language activities that go with them too! This bundle helps you use fun themes with your older students throughout the year in a very mature (and no prep) way! Plus, you can target multiple language goals simultaneously.


Social Language Activities (PDFs, Boom Cards)

Social Language Activity Bundle for Older Students in Speech Therapy

If you're working on pragmatic language skills with any of your older students (which most of us are!), this bundle will take you far. The included resources will help your students learn skills related to having conversations and understanding nonverbal communication. The teaching components, real photos, and structured practice opportunities make the activities functional and relevant for upper elementary, middle school, and even high school students!

Articulation Activity for Older Students in Speech Therapy Bundle

Have you felt like you've exhausted all possibilities for articulation activities for older kids? Your students have done it all, yet they're easily bored with repeated activities. But these word plexer puzzles are probably something your students have never done in speech therapy! The component of logic draws them in, and they'll want to keep going after each one. The digital and printable versions make them versatile for any setting.

Life Skills Activities for Older Students in Speech Therapy

It doesn't get much better than activities that are truly functional and pique student interest. Each page (or card, in the Boom Cards version) is a sample of a real-world text, like an invitation, menu, or product label. The questions guide the way for students to interpret each one of these applicable situations. With so many in the bundle, you could do one per week for the entire school year!

Language Grammar Conjunctions Activity Bundle for Older Students in Speech Therapy

I'd venture to guess that working on more complex grammatical structures (like conjunctions) is not every SLPs favorite goal area to target. This bundle of Boom Cards removes the guesswork. It addresses all 3 types of conjunctions (coordinating, subordinating, and correlative) in separate decks with a lesson and leveled practice activities for each one. Plus, students love the Boom Card format so you're able to make a somewhat dry topic much more interactive!

Figurative Language Boom Cards Bundle for Speech Therapy

Another goal that your older students might be working on is figurative language. As a big believer in using context for this and other vocabulary goals, I use this bundle of figurative language Boom Cards regularly. It includes decks for idioms, metaphors/similes, and hyperboles. Each one has a mini-lesson/review and 40 practice cards. Answer choices are there for students that need them, but you can cover them for those that don't!

Speech therapy homework calendars for older students articulation language pragmatics

I'm not sure there's any bigger time-saver than this bundle of homework calendars! Each set (articulation, vocabulary, figurative language, syntax, and social language) includes 12 monthly calendars. In short, you don't really have to worry about home carryover activities for the rest of the school year with this bundle. These calendars are effortless to distribute to students and simple for them to follow through on!

Get set for the week, month, and even year with these money-saving bundles! They're ready to help you save loads of time, money, and worry since you won't be constantly looking for something brand new for your older speech therapy students.

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