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Year-Round Speech Therapy Activity Bundles for Elementary Students

Have you ever come across a long-lost folder on your computer, and upon opening it, you discover it's full of speech therapy activities that vaguely ring a bell? I got a new computer last week, and in the process of transferring my files from my old computer, I uncovered some very old (and very forgotten) activities.

I never intended for them to become one-session stands. You know, those activities that served you well.... for a session (or even a week). And then they were filed away, and promptly forgotten about. And there they sit. Until you get a new computer and realize all the times you didn't use them.

Rather than lament over those resources that didn't exactly stand the test of time, let's talk about the ones that have proven themselves. The trusty activities that offer value month after month, year after year. So much so that you could never forget they're there. Because you use them regularly.

So, here are the resource bundles (in no particular order) that I turn to over and over again. Their familiar formats make them easy to use, and the activities within each bundle offer fresh, new content that keeps sessions relevant throughout the year.

Monthly Language Activities for Speech Therapy

Monthly No Print Language Activities

(Interactive PDFs + Printable)

These language packs are, well, packed with activities to target a variety of syntax and semantics goals. The bundle includes a set of 10 activities for each month of the year, and each of those 10 activities comes in 2 different levels to make differentiation a breeze. The PDFs are colorful and engaging, and include clickable buttons and fillable text boxes. And as a bonus, printable versions are included!

Themed Speech and Language Activities PDF Bundle

Seasonal Speech and Language Activities (Interactive PDFs)

This set, which uses high-interest seasonal (not holiday) themes, offers a variety of activities to target speech and language with the elementary crowd. Whether it's expanding vocabulary, understanding concepts, increasing sentence length, answering wh- questions, or something else, these bright and colorful activities will help you get the job done.

Concepts and Following Directions Boom Cards for Speech Therapy

Concepts and Following Directions Bundle (Boom Cards)

This bundle dynamically targets basic concepts within following directions activities. Each deck includes concepts of quantity, negation, sequence, and location using seasonally relevant vocabulary. This makes it especially easy to monitor progress throughout the year, as they bring just the right amount of familiarity due to the consistent format in each of the 4 decks.

Articulation Language and Pragmatics Homework for the Year

Articulation, Language, and Social Language Homework for the Year (Printable PDFs) Are you ready to take the work out of homework prep, once and for all? This bundle includes weekly articulation, language (2 levels), and social language homework for the entire year.... summers included! Hands down, this bundle has saved me more time than any resource I've ever created. Plus, there's no inconsistency in sending homework when you've always got something to help your students practice their goals at home.

Language and Listening Bundle of Speech Therapy Activities

Seasonal Sounds Language and Listening Activities (Boom Cards) There's something about the sounds of the season, am I right? This deck of Boom Cards uses actual environmental sounds and real photos to elicit language in a whole new way. Not only are these great auditory activities for children with hearing loss, but they bring the 'guessing game' element to facilitate language.... meaningfully!

Year Round Passages and Stories for Speech Therapy

Year-Round Passages and Short Stories (Boom Cards) How does having dozens of passages and short stories (of similar length and complexity) a click away sound? This set of four Boom Card decks is my go-to for reading comprehension and answering questions throughout the year. The seasonal (not holiday) themes are interesting and relatable to students, and there are questions at two different levels– multiple choice with pictures, and open-ended questions.

Seasonal Bundle of Articulation and Language Games for Speech Therapy Boom Cards

Click It Speech and Language Therapy Game Bundle (Boom Cards)

At first glance, these games look like seasonal versions of Spot It. But ohhhh, how versatile they are. Each deck is full of vocabulary and other language learning opportunities, as well as an articulation activity to use, if needed. Not to mention, they are highly motivating for those students that enjoy a little friendly competition. This one is guaranteed to be a repeat request from your students!

And there we have it– a list of tried-and-true activities for your elementary caseload. Not only do their formats make them familiar for your students and easy for you to use, but they also allow you to monitor progress using consistent prompts throughout the year.

Another bonus? These bad boys won't become digitally dusty. Nope, you'll be reaching (clicking?) for them way too regularly to forget about their existence.

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