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My Top Three Tools for Interactive Teletherapy Sessions

When Speech-Language Pathologists begin teletherapy, they often agonize over what exactly they're going to do with their students. How do you conduct a therapy session without board games, cards, worksheets, and books without so much as a shared table space? Lean in for this little secret.... you can still do forms of all of those things. You just have to think outside of the box-- I mean inside of the screen! Allow me to introduce the three tools that I use every single day that allow me to conduct engaging and interactive teletherapy sessions.

My friend Belinda at BVG SLP introduced me to Boom Cards™, and it was a true turning point in my teletherapy career.... I'm not joking. Watch this and thank me later when you're you're admittedly obsessed.


Synonyms and Antonyms BOOM CARDS™

Speech Click It Articulation Game BOOM CARDS™

Build The Emotion BOOM CARDS™

Early Language and Listening Activities BOOM CARDS™

Seasonal Concepts and Directions BOOM CARDS™

Life Skills BOOM CARDS™

More about Boom Cards HERE!

"But what about all the PDF resources I've purchased or made over the years?" No problem, you can use those too. Check out this video to witness the magic of annotation!


I Spot Articulation Picture Searches

Following Multi-Element Directions: A Barrier Game

Guess What? Game for Questions, Compare/Contrast and Vocabulary

Menus for Articulation Practice

Description Dice Game

Teletherapy is like a whole new world. A new fantastic point of view.... of digital materials. Pardon the #aladdinreference, but do you know how sometimes when you download a form from the internet to fill out, it already has those magic little text boxes for you to type into? That, my friend, is an example of an interactive PDF. But interactive PDFs for speech therapy are much less lame. See for yourself!


Interactive No Print Articulation Cards

One Page Picture Scenes for Mixed Groups

Monthly No Print Language Pack

Seasons Speech and Language Activities No Print Interactive PDF

Picture Past Tense Verbs

National Parks Comprehension and Vocabulary

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