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Teletherapy Quick Start TIps

As many schools and clinics across the country and world are facing (or will soon face) closures in order to lessen the spread of COVID-19, Speech-Language Pathologists are considering teletherapy as a temporary way to continue speech therapy services for their students and clients. Since teletherapy isn't something that can be thrown together without thought and consideration of many factors, I've rounded up some resources to assist SLPs in making a smooth transition to this service delivery model.

Information on preparing for teletherapy:

How To Choose a Teletherapy Platform for your SLP Practice

How to Set up Your Teletherapy Home Office

How to Add Teletherapy To Your Private Practice

Tackling Tech: Our Friend, the Internet

Becoming A Speech Teletherapist: Where to Begin

Digital activity ideas and how-to information:

My Top Three Tools for Interactive Teletherapy Sessions

The Dynamic Duo in Teletherapy: Screen Share and Mouse Control

20 Free No Print Resources for Speech Therapy

Crash Course: Getting Started with Using Boom Cards™

Crash Course: Annotation for Static PDF Resources

Crash Course: Using Interactive PDFs in Speech Therapy

Digital: How to Save Time & Money!

Playing Digital No Print Board Games in Speech Therapy

How To Use Adobe Reader for No Print Speech Therapy Resources

Using Boom Cards™ In Speech Therapy

Therapy Tip Tuesday: Boom Cards on a Teletherapy Platform

Information on specific goals and students/groups:

Social Language Activities For Teletherapy

Providing Early Intervention In Teletherapy

Successful Ways to Remediate /r/ in Teletherapy

How To Be Successful with Mixed Groups in Teletherapy

Using Digital Materials to Target Life Skills

Teaching Sequencing on a Teletherapy Platform

Free websites with games and activities:



Toy Theater

Match The Memory


Guidance for parents of students and clients that are new to teletherapy:

Teletherapy Troubleshooting Tips Handout (FREEBIE)

Teletherapy Tips For A Successful School Year (FREEBIE)

Parent Guide for Teletherapy

Information on resources and activities for teletherapy:

Teletherapy Materials for Speech-Language Pathologists

SLPs Go Digital

Answers to frequently asked questions:

What SLPs Want To Know Before Becoming A Teletherapist

Telepractice for SLPs

SLP Telepractice Collaboration

Course for ASHA CEUs: Using Interactive Tools to Increase Engagement In Teletherapy

FREE Webinar: Using Boom Cards with Speech Therapy

Information about teletherapy on the ASHA website:

ASHA Telepractice Portal

ASHA SIG 18, Telepractice

Information about employment with a teletherapy company:

Teletherapy Tip Tuesday – Who Should I Work For?


The Whimsical Word Speech Teletherapy Podcast

Telepractice Today

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